Darryl John Kennedy – Air France pilot, Michel Bacos – A Time Remembered

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This video, and Sephardic musical composition, “A Time Remembered,” is my tribute to Air France pilot, Michel Bacos,
who passed away recently. He was ninety-five.

In 1976, his Paris to Tel Aviv flight, was hijacked by terrorists. The plane, crew and passengers were taken hostage in Entebbe, Uganda.

The terrorists told Michel that he could leave, but he insisted on staying with the Jewish passengers, suffering abuse, day after day. He told his crew that they must stay, because that is their tradition.

Israeli commandos rescued the hostages on July 4th. Three hostages and the mission commander, Yoni Netanyahu, brother of the current Prime Minister of Israel, were killed in the operation.

Pilot Bacos, who fought against the Nazi’s in WWII, was awarded the National Order of the legion of Honor, France’s highest honor.

Michel and those who risked their lives for the freedom of the innocent, remain in the memories of those who witnessed that tragic moment in history. Let us never forget, those who fly, far above from the rest. “A Time Remembered.”

Darryl John Kennedy
2019″A Time Remembered” tribute to Air France pilot, Michel Bacos
Composed, arranged and produced by Darryl John Kennedy
Clarinet: Nadey Hakim

Wikipedia, Creative Commons License CCL

2019 Darryl John Kennedy

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