Darryl John Kennedy – Eulogy for Khaled Al Bakry

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Darryl John Kennedy – Eulogy for Khaled Al Bakry
Composed, arranged and performed by Darryl John Kennedy
©2018 All rights reserved

I composed this Eulogy for fellow composer and dear friend, Khaled Al Bakry who sadly, was killed in a car accident on June 15th, 2018.

Khaled was a gifted pianist and composed for many great artists. I knew him through his creative mind and music. It is through this door which I will pass now and dedicate this piece to him.

Dearest Khaled, thank you for those warm talks on orchestration and harmony.
You were the only composer in Egypt who really understood what I was trying to bring to this world, and for this I will always be deeply grateful.

Your face will remain in the minds of your dear friends, and your musical works are now immortal.

May this composition help carry you with eagles wings, and release you to a better place with soft and beautiful harmonies.

Here’s to you Khaled, my too soon departed friend, I will miss you.



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