Darryl John Kennedy – Forever in My Heart (In memory of Jerry Goldsmith)

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Forever in My Heart ©2019 Darryl John Kennedy – Music and lyrics
Composed, arranged and produced by Darryl John Kennedy
Performed, recorded mixed and mastered by Darryl John Kennedy.

This composition and arrangement of mine is something difficult to describe. As a young composer, I had met Jerry Goldsmith and spoke with him backstage 30 years ago. I had always been studying film composer’s styles and concepts, yet as years went by, I found myself listening to Goldsmith, more and more intensely .

Jerry was very honest in his approach to music. No nonsense, yet a beautiful understanding of sonic emotionalism. No hiding in production, as is the norm today. I learned the importance of this thinking, as I heard others through the years, who claimed to be film composers, but were just song writers, musicians or singers with expensive software libraries. Almost none of them knew orchestration, sync timing or could even notate a real score. Those of us who are legitimate film composers, who have studied many years and demonstrated their talent, see a trend of more and more production people, fooling directors with big sounds, but mediocre music. Its all epic hits, swells, four chord ostinato (if they even know what ostinato means) and single note piano with bass drones, thinking that holding a textured pad is so creative…., but no serious four part counterpoint, deep modal, tertiary or quartal harmony, melodic regression, modulation, string or woodwind orchestration, motif, cadence, voice leading, theme, development, recapitulation and variations, and would die, if they had to conduct a real orchestra with a score, watching streamers and punches on screen, or had to notate the foot pedal positions for a real harpist..

That is why so much of this music on screen sounds the same today. It takes deep musical depth to create brilliant work. Hermann, Morricone, Raksin, Korngold, Newmann, Rozsa,. Waxman, Rota, North, Bernstein, are actual film composers, not because they have credits, but because they are seriously studied and accomplished composers first, then happen to compose for film.

Many musician’s and singers today, seem to say, “I’m a composer, producer, I have a studio, software and credits on IMDb.” Its just nonsense. Can anyone imagine these kind of neophytes having the guts to say, “I am a film composer.” to John Williams face?
It’s exactly, like a high school biology student working on frogs, looking into the face of an accomplished brain surgeon, and saying they are a “Doctor” as well, because they own a scalpel.

Now, as I reach a new phase of serious compositional study in my musical life, I feel I am starting over and learning that Music comes from the Muses. I realize that first, one must boldly express pure honest love in their work, whether painful or beautiful, both emotionally and skillfully, or it is nothing but a bunch of noise.. Everything else, is just trying to impress people.

Jerry Goldsmith was a monumental composer, who wrote as well for hundreds of films. This composition of mine is a tribute to his memory. I loved him dearly; there will never be another.
Here’s to you again Jerry, “Forever in my Heart.”

To see Jerry Goldsmith in action on the scoring stage,

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