Darryl John Kennedy – “Lydian, the Tattooed Lion..”

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Darryl John Kennedy – “Lydian, the Tattooed Lion..”

Darryl John Kennedy:
EVI, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, keyboards, guitars, bass and drum programming.

Cornel Thiegpen, Ac Piano

This African, swinging jazz fusion composition, entitled “Lydian, the Tattooed Lion,” is an unusual music project for me where the melody is on the 9th and 11th notes of the scale and the harmonic concept is based upon the Lydian mode. Therefore, one gets the sensation when listening, that the song is in a sad minor key, when in fact, it’s a happy major key. The ears and perception can be easily fooled.

I arranged it with an African 6/8 rhythm, so It reminded me of the African savanna, where a lion would lazily roam. An ironic twist on the immortal Groucho Marx song title, “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” thus has become, Lydian, the Tattooed Lion.

I hope everyone enjoys it. I had fun creating it. Here’s to you Groucho…

“Lydian, the Tattooed Lion”
Composed, arranged and performed by Darryl John Kennedy
©2018 Darryl John Kennedy, All rights reserved

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