Darryl John Kennedy – Say Goodbye to Love (Tribute to David Foster)

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Composed, arranged and performed by Darryl John Kennedy
©2019 Music and Lyrics, Darryl John Kennedy

This composition, is my tribute to the greatest music producer in history: David Foster. David’s compositions, have been sung by the most talented artists in the world. His unique style of creating the best harmonic and contrapuntal elements to make a song come alive, is unmatched. His touch on the piano, is unmistakable. His melodies are unforgettable.

Through the years, I’ve learned many ideas and concepts from analyzing his work.
It has been my joy to compose this piece, and arrange it in the style of David Foster.
He performs in concert tonight, in Windsor, Canada.

Here’s to you David; you are one of my mentors.
Your musical concepts, will live on forever.

Darryl John Kennedy – Say Goodbye to Love. (Tribute to David Foster)
©2019 Darryl John Kennedy
All rights reserved
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws.

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