Darryl John Kennedy – In My Solitude – Duke Ellington

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“In My Solitude”, Composed by Duke Ellington
Arranged by Darryl John Kennedy. ALL instruments performed by Darryl John Kennedy.

The enormous musical contribution to humanity by composer Duke Ellington, is unmatched. He would take a simple motif, decide on a modal melody, run a thousand harmonic variations, combining Jazz, classical and blues, then create a synthesis of intense emotions. Duke dressed and spoke with style. Ellington represented the best of what a musician can achieve, regardless of difficulty. He instilled two character traits in his band members that are missing from many musicians today; Sophistication and class. There will never be another. Here’s to you Duke, I hope you like it.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to musician, Tom Scott. His brilliant musical works throughout the years, were a constant inspiration for me, not only in learning to play the saxophone, but Lyricon, which is the electronic wind instrument I’m featuring on this recording.

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