Darryl John Kennedy-Theme for Studio Vision

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To all those young recording engineers and musicians around the world who think they are so hip to technology.
Way before there was Protools, Logic, Performer, Ableton or any other midi sequencer with audio, there was Opcode’s Studio Vision.

This was a breakthrough in technology in the early 90’s. For the first time, musicians could have audio playing in sync with midi from their computer hard drive and not synced to a separate reel to reel tape recorder with SMPTE. This product changed the tape recording paradigm and gave rise to Protools that you now use as a recording standard. Many companies have since copied the technology.

I worked with some people from Opcode during the beginning development of this fantastic new technology and created their demo using Studio Vision with only two audio tracks and midi to be shown to the recording world. The following recording in 1990 was the first ever midi with computer audio demo for a company in the world. I was fortunate to be part of this technology, and was proud to compose, perform and produce it. Enjoy.

“Theme for Studio Vision.”
©1990 Darryl John Kennedy

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