Music Producer

 “Kennedy is the only American I know, who can successfully utilize the arts for diplomatic means to
improve global detente.  It is this rare ability that makes him indispensable for US foreign relations.”
Todd Thiel, President, McKinley Reserve
 I’ve spent years producing CDs. My father, Dave Kennedy, had a lot of instruments all around his recording studio. When I was a kid, I started picking each one up and slowly became proficient at sixteen of them. People ask me which wind instrument is the most difficult. I would say trumpet. The easiest, flute. I think one of the challenges for young musicians in school today is that they think the older music doesn’t sound “cool.” Yet, the new technology with keyboard synthesis and sampling give the new musicians unlimited choices, but create limited artistic endevors. Why?
They will be forced to work another job, and create music as a hobby. The only people who will create recordings, will be uploading it on a computer at home. The quality of the music logically will spiral down into cultural mediocrity. You see this now: Beats w
ith samples created by people who call themselves musicians or producers yet don’t play or even write a note: singers who can’t really sing, but made to sound like they do, and image is the standard, not talent. This is the reality with computer software like autotune. If composer John Williams decided that people want to hear, but don’t want to pay for an orchestra to play Star Wars, he will be forced to use a cheap computer sample version of it. Since he can’t afford real players, that’s the end of the live professional orchestra.
Now, let’s futurepace. If there is no real orchestra to play in, why are students studying instruments now at the conservatory? You guessed it, there are now fewer students. Get the picture? Soon, live music might be something you only hear at weddings and bookstores performed by local amateur bands. Is that the world we want to live in?.Because they do not listen to a quality musical reference by which to judge themselves. Without that, anybody who composes or sings thinks they have artistic talent. This has created the flood of mediocre recordings you hear today on the internet. The record industry has changed as well. As far as the internet, here’s my opinion. It costs thousands of dollars to produce a high quality CD recording with real top professional musicians. Somebody paid for that. How do they get their production money back? If people will download it for free, logic says, there will be no professional musicians, composers and artists.