What is an EVI?

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What is an EVI?

Many people ask me, “What is that strange looking instrument you perform and record with?”

It’s called a Steiner EVI. (Electric Valve Instrument.) Its totally original and nothing quite sounds like it.

It can be soft and beautiful or soar like an eagle.

It has three valves and plays like a trumpet, but has an eight octave range and a portamento valve as well. It was created in the 1970’s by a musician named Nyle Steiner. Since I’m a trumpet and woodwind player, I was able to reconfigure my thinking to play it. It’s taken years to perfect it.

However, it is very difficult to control. It’s not like traditional brass, woodwind or strings.

It’s the “Ferrari of musical instruments.” (my term) If you’re a great driver, you can control and enjoy the ride. If not, you crash. This instrument is just like that.

Hear are a couple of examples of what it looks like and the sound.




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